Jackie Kennedy movie

From Gilda Ratner to Katie Holmes, over a dozen actresses have represented the icon. She has been represented fifteen times onscreen before Portman getting in the role. Take a glance back in the least the actresses United Nations agency have vie Jackie over the years. Here are 15 actresses who have played the role in Jackie Kennedy movie.Jackie Kennedy movie

Jaclyn Smith (1981)

‘Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’Jackie Kennedy movie

Jaclyn Smith attained a Golden Globe nomination for best role player during a miniseries or TV motion picture for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy during this ABC biopic.

Blair Brown (1983)

‘Kennedy’Jackie Kennedy movie

Brown marked aboard Martin lustre during this 1983 NBC miniseries and attained her second Golden Globe nomination.

Juanin Clay (1985)

‘Robert Kennedy and His Times’Jackie Kennedy movie

Focusing on the lifetime of John F. Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert Kennedy, this featured WarGames star Juanin Clay as Jackie.

Rhoda Griffis (1992)

‘Love Field’Jackie Kennedy movie

Griffis’ Jackie wasn’t the attentiveness of this 1992 film, however rather the historical background for a story a couple of urban center lady of the house} (Michelle Pfeiffer) United Nations agency befriends a young African yankee woman (Stephanie McFadden) on a bus trip to attend JFK’s ceremonial. whereas Pfeiffer attained a best role player nom, the film was Griffis’ 1st major role during a feature Jackie Kennedy movie.

Elizabeth Lambert (1996)

‘Dark Skies’Jackie Kennedy movie

With the tagline “History as we all know it’s a lie”, this transient NBC sci-fi series naturally delved into one amongst the foremost current conspiracy theories of the twentieth century: United Nations agency shot President of the United States. within the series’ second episode, Lambert vie Jackie amidst a sinister, uncommunicative  alien invasion.

Joanne Whalley (2000)

‘Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis’Jackie Kennedy movie

Whalley vie the primary woman during this CBS TV biopic that followed Jackie from her formative years as a school student to her wedding to Greek wealthy person philosopher Onassis once JFK’s assassination.

Caprice Benedetti (2000)

‘Timequest’Jackie Kennedy movie

In yet one more sci-fi spin, Benedetti plays Jackie during this film a couple of man United Nations agency travels back in time to forestall the assassination of President of the United States.

Stephanie Romanov (2000)

‘Thirteen Days’Jackie Kennedy movie

Focusing on the Cuban Missile Crisis, this 2000 Kevin Costner-led heroic tale featured royalty because the third role player that year to portray the primary woman.

Jill Hennessey (2001)

‘Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot’Jackie Kennedy movie

Jackie Kennedy movieThis TV motion picture targeted on the wives of the Kennedy brothers and marked Hennessy as Jackie.

Jeanne Tripplehorn (2009)

‘Grey Gardens’Jackie Kennedy movie

Based on actuality stories of Jackie’s paternal auntie, Edith Bouvier Beale (Jessica Lange), ANd full cousin – conjointly named Edith Bouvier Beale (Drew Barrymore) – this HBO film featured Tripplehorn during a supporting role as Jackie that she scored an award nomination for supporting role player during a TV motion picture.

Katie Holmes (2011)

‘The Kennedys’Jackie Kennedy movie

Jackie Kennedy movieMiniseries and television movies appear to be the foremost standard format for telling the Kennedy tale, and Reelz Channel’s entry was another encroach upon the globe of Camelot. Holmes donned the pink dress and marked aboard Greg Kinnear as President of the United States.

Minka Kelly (2013)

‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’Jackie Kennedy movie

Kelly vie Jackie opposite James Marsden’s President of the United States during this Lee Daniels film a couple of manservant (Forest Whitaker) United Nations agency served eight presidents throughout his tenure at the White House.

Kat Steffens (2013)

‘Parkland’Jackie Kennedy movie

Set in Dallas’ parcel of land Hospital on the day President of the United States was shot, this Zac Efron-starring film featured Steffens as Jackie.

Ginnifer Goodwin (2013)

‘Killing Kennedy’Jackie Kennedy movie

Jackie Kennedy movieJust like in 2000, 2013 saw 3 iterations of Jackie onscreen. Goodwin marked aboard Rob Lowe during this National Geographic TV motion picture.

Natalie Portman (2016)

‘Jackie’Jackie Kennedy movie

Natalie Portman Jackie Kennedy movierecently won best role player at the Hollywood Film Awards for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy movie during this critically acclaimed biopic from Chilean-born director Pablo Larrain.

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